Turing Pi V2 first review!

Timecodes: 01:13 – The build 02:44 – A standard ATX PSU? 04:18 – Installing Turing Pi 2 05:31 – Thermals and heatsinks 07:33 – Expansion slots 09:27 – Fan control 10:22 – Pi OS 10:53 – Booting the cluster 12:41 – Blinkenlights! 13:19 – 146,772 Compute Modules? 16:40 – 1.4 Terrabits?! 20:57 – What the […]

Turing Pi V2 is here

It’s been a long time since we announced the Turing Pi V2, but finally, we are ready to reveal all the details of the new cluster board. But first, we want to thank you all for your patience and for every feedback you gave us along the way. We appreciate the community’s input and support.  […]

5 reasons to build a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster for your homelab

Many people think that the cloud is just someone else’s remote computer for hosting applications or websites. The truth is that cloud systems are not that simple. Cloud involves numerous computers that form clusters interconnected with a network. This is the simplest definition of cloud computing. When you move to a cloud, you move all […]

12 amazing Raspberry Pi cluster use cases

You might already have been aware of Raspberry Pi Cluster’s usefulness for learning, experimentation, and making something innovative. If you have never heard about it, then let’s just say it’s one wise investment that can boost your skills and improve your local computer systems’ performance like no other. But why would you need a Raspberry […]

Are compact clusters the future of edge computing?

There are many discussions around edge computing and its adoption scenarios. One of the key ingredients that could accelerate edge transformation is the ability to use an existing software stack for continuous deployment to the edge. We believe that a new type of hardware that can organically coexist with the cloud ecosystem could be a […]

Case study: CI/CD with Turing Pi + Gitlab CI + Ansible

This is an in-depth review of how synyx GmbH & Co building is using Turing Pi board in combination with GitLab CI and Ansible for their CI/CD needs Author: Karl-Ludwig Reinhard Introduction In my previous article, I explained some cloudy statements about Ansible and Gitlab CI and that we’re going to work with a Turing Pi for […]

Turing Pi V2 announcement

Today we are thrilled to announce the Turing Pi V2. We’ve been collecting a massive amount of information, synthesizing all of it in product variations, and thinking about what steps we should do next. Today we are going to announce only some of the fundamental details about the V2. We are still working on checking […]