United by values, we joined in a shared mission to bring compute and AI everywhere

Remote First

Embrace the freedom to work from anywhere, ensuring your comfort and productivity.

Flexible Hours

We prioritize a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling for all team members.

Paid Leave

Enjoy 28 days of paid leave per year, allowing you to rest, recharge, and maintain your well-being.

Allowances & Equity

Invest in your growth with multiple allowances and stock options for early employees.

Our values

Dream Big

We dream. We build. We deliver.

With passion and purpose driving us forward, we turn bold ideas into reality.
Own It

We take ownership, not credit.

Embracing responsibility, we drive progress and empower each other.

Embrace the adventure.

Having fun, finding joy, love what you do and be true yourself.

We tackle the hard stuff. 

Sleeves rolled up, we turn every challenge into an opportunity.

We operate ethically.

Upholding our values, we make decisions with honesty and fairness.

We seek and share knowledge.

Cultivating curiosity and empathy, we unlock innovation together.