Turing Pi 2

Turing Pi - Reliable, Scalable Infrastructure for Edge & AI Apps

Meet Turing Pi 2, a compact AI & Edge Computing Cluster. Combine Turing RK1, Raspberry Pi & Nvidia Jetson compute modules to run cloud stacks and AI inference at the edge. Enjoy unmatched reliability, 24/7 operation, and energy efficiency.

Use Cases

Edge AI

Inference when low latency and cost are critical

Remote first

Quickly set up Kubernetes and Machine Learning stacks using the built-in BMC, CLI and Turing Pi open-source firmware. Take advantage of authentication, serial console over LAN, OS image flashing, self-testing, and OTA updates.

$ tpi ‐‐node
$ tpi ‐‐power
$ tpi ‐‐usb
$ tpi ‐‐uart
$ tpi ‐‐flash

$ tpi ‐‐usb=host ‐‐node=1
$ tpi ‐‐upgrade=/sdcard/bmc.swu
$ tpi ‐‐power=off

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