Dear Community, Hope you’re all doing well. Here’s a quick scoop on what’s been happening on our end.

Turing RK1 compute modules

First off, a small snag. The 32GB RAM RK1 modules are delayed due to RAM chip high demand, and startups do not always get in the frontline situation. We’re looking to get updates from the factory in the end of December. But we’re on it!

On the flip side, the 8GB and 16GB modules are ready to ship. We are making last minute checks before starting the mass shipping to you.

If you have pre-order questions, hit up our support at

Turing Pi V2.5

We are completing Turing Pi 2.5 design. The Turing Pi v2.5 changes include:

  • reworked internal USB connections for better flashing and desktop mode experience
  • added USB-UART interface for BMC
  • added screen header
  • replaced soldered studs with removable counterparts
  • improved HDMI screen compatibility

and more. A full list of changes and improvements is available here:

Firmware 2.0 Update

Firmware 2.0 is almost here. Check out this detailed article for a sneak peek. It’s pretty cool!

Mini ITX case

The Mini case is getting its final touches — a journey of teamwork with distributors and manufacturers. It’s slow and complicated project but, we are aiming for a release by the end of Q1 2024.

Your support means the world to us. We’re always here to answer your questions at our support page. A huge thank you for being the awesome community you are! Catch you in the next update!