RK1 Heatsink

RK1 Heatsink

  • Dual Ball Bearing (5v)
  • Four-Wire PWM Temperature Control
  • Max Fan Speed 5000 RPM


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Estimated delivery date May 2nd
SKU: RK1-HS-001

Meet the perfect companion for your Turing RK1 module – our specially designed heatsink fan. Engineered for optimal heat dissipation, this heatsink fan ensures your Turing RK1 module stays cool under pressure, no matter how demanding the task.

Featuring a 5V dual ball bearing, four-wire PWM temperature control fan, it intelligently adjusts its speed up to 4500-5000 RPM based on the module’s temperature, ensuring efficient cooling while minimizing noise. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, this heatsink is built to last, just like your projects.

The heatsink is precision-engineered to fit the Turing RK1 module perfectly, with a size of 69.6x45x18mm. It’s the perfect way to keep your Turing RK1 running cool and performing at its best.

Specifications Table:

Fan Type5V Dual Ball Bearing
ControlFour-Wire PWM Temperature Control
Max Speed5000 RPM
Life Expectancy50,000 Hours
Heatsink Size69.6mm x 45mm x 18mm (LxWxH)

Keep your Turing RK1 module cool and your performance hot with our dedicated heatsink fan.