In this episode, Jeff Geerling will walk you through deploying a monitoring stack (Prometheus, AlertManager, and Grafana) on the Turing Pi K3s cluster so you can see how it’s performing. Then Jeff will deploy Drupal and WordPress. And after that for a little more fun, Jeff deploys the Minecraft server using Helm. In conclusion Pi-hole deployment on the cluster for adblocking and custom DNS.

From this video you will learn:

00:24 – On kubectl, tabs and spaces, vim and emacs

02:03 – The Kubernetes-on-Pi disappointment cycle

04:09 – The Minecraft server venn diagram

04:59 – Monitoring suite – Prometheus, AlertManager, and Grafana

19:43 – Drupal on the Turing Pi

29:28 – WordPress on the Turing Pi

33:49 – Minecraft on the Turing Pi

44:15 – Pi-hole on the Turing Pi

Video transcript:

Github repo: