Turing Pi mini ITX case current status

Here are the interim results for the Turing Pi 2 mini ITX case. At first, we wanted to find an OEM manufacturer and use their chassis frame to simply redesign the internal and external elements of the case. But later we abandoned this idea in favor of our own design. This resulted in the entire […]

Turing Pi clusters: from firmware to Terraform / Ansible / CLI

You have just got a new Turing Pi cluster board. Plugged the compute modules. So what do you do next? You would need to follow these steps to install the necessary software: Choose the needed operating system image. Download the image. Switch the first compute module to Flash Mode (This would only be required if using eMMC compute […]

Turing Pi V2 first review!

Timecodes: 01:13 – The build 02:44 – A standard ATX PSU? 04:18 – Installing Turing Pi 2 05:31 – Thermals and heatsinks 07:33 – Expansion slots 09:27 – Fan control 10:22 – Pi OS 10:53 – Booting the cluster 12:41 – Blinkenlights! 13:19 – 146,772 Compute Modules? 16:40 – 1.4 Terrabits?! 20:57 – What the […]

Turing Pi V2 is here

It’s been a long time since we announced the Turing Pi V2, but finally, we are ready to reveal all the details of the new cluster board. But first, we want to thank you all for your patience and for every feedback you gave us along the way. We appreciate the community’s input and support.  […]

Turing Pi V2 announcement

Today we are thrilled to announce the Turing Pi V2. We’ve been collecting a massive amount of information, synthesizing all of it in product variations, and thinking about what steps we should do next. Today we are going to announce only some of the fundamental details about the V2. We are still working on checking […]